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Tassie Devil Patchwork fabric by designedtoat on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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For a weekly contest featuring Australian animals, I just had to pay tribute to one of our native marsupials that is suffering from an unknown cancer raging through it's wild population. I've depicted some in a quilt/throw rug, with some stylized native flora (wattle and bottle brush trees and flowers). Tasmanian Devils are native to the island State south of the Australian mainland and in recent years their numbers have been dwindling through a voracious mouth cancer. Scientists and environmentalists are tracking, capturing and testing individuals to try and arrest the spread of this horrible disease. They are in danger of extinction if there is no way forward, this disease must be stopped or we risk losing them. Should you be interested in knowing more about this, please have a look at this website.

Tassie Devil Patchwork

by designedtoat
This is a quilt/throw rug, is better viewed on 1 yard in Cotton Poplin, and the artwork has been put together with this fabric in mind.
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