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Miss Marple fabric by laura_the_drawer on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Miss Marple is told about a sinister deed that has befallen a resident at the stately Henwick mansion. As she arrives the maid flurries to tell her all the gossip she knows. Later in the library as Miss Marple knits she has a peculiar feeling of someone watching her. And while walking in the garden Miss Marple spies a key clue to unravelling the mystery. The fallen artichoke statue from the top of the mansion helps her put it all together. The victim had been walking around the grounds when the artichoke fell and hit him. With a bump on his head he decided to go rest in his study. But he suffered an aneurism and died slumped in his chair. The butler having left a poisoned cup of tea for him thought that he had been successful and fled.

Miss Marple

by laura_the_drawer
© Copyright Laura the Drawer - You are permitted to sell items you make with this fabric, but request you credit Laura the Drawer as the designer. Also I am happy to change size of design to suit your needs - just message me
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