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Stop the Car, I Want to Get Out fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Swirly curly paisley patchwork squares with Celtic knot twists to their borders and aqua meets brown tones. Except that most fields do not feature teardrop shaped ornamentation, looking at this from a distance makes me think of aerial view maps such as Google Earth, where every Interstate is a straight ribbon with curved interchanges. I think you could actually drive your ant-scale carriage from one edge of this fabric to another by way of the aqua underpasses and overpasses that create these block borders. Not that I would exactly want to. If you think the Smart Car is too small, wait until you try and harness up that ant, and ride in the buggy he pulls. All ants aside (unless you want to make this into a picnic table cloth), this was created as a textural color blender for quilting, or other projects where a background textural is needed. This is exactly the same design as Paisley Flower Squares except you are seeing that in negative here. (file k39LLb)

Stop the Car, I Want to Get Out

by edsel2084
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