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H is for Hero fabric by bippidiiboppidii on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Small boys are awesome. Small boys can be brave. Small boys can be clever and dynamite too. Small boys can be extraordinary, friendly and great. Small boys are heroes, I think. Small boys are so interesting. Sometimes they're jubilant, sometimes they're kingly. Sometimes they're legendary, magical, and nimble. My small boy is totally outrageous. Some boys are practical, quick, radiant and strong. Boys are terrific. Some are unbeatable, and then they're victorious. Some boys are wise. Boys are just eXcellent. (Yowza!) Some boys are zippy but all boys can be heroes, however they do it.

I was brainstorming the words I would use for each letter of this design over dinner with my family when my eight-year old son announced that P was for protagonist. After we'd all picked our jaws up off the ground we debated protagonist for a while - after all, it's a perfectly heroic descriptor. But, in the end, we decided to go for practical - couldn't resist the hammer and saw.

There are a few disguised heroes lurking in this fabric, and there certainly are a few boys in here that I know (including my son). How about you?

I will reduce the size of the repeat after the contest.

H is for Hero

by bippidiiboppidii
Small boys are heroes in so many everyday ways...
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