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Bangles and Bows fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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A close cousin of the Buckles and Bows fabric incorporating many of the same elements (the Egyptian wing spread, the bow tie shaped central figure, the scrolls that end in petal wheels) with other motifs that are not shared such as the white petals peeking out from behind the double diamond step. Lots of fine dots and stripes within this vertical stripe. The zoom mode will show you more details. (file k69f4) All designs that begin with the code k69 (or whatever alphabet soup of a number and letter I used that day) are from the same physical hand made drawing. The letter after the initial number is the colorway. This one being f is the sixth colorway I made from that art. What this potentially means to you is if you like a k69b color, but like a k69f design better, you can get the k69f design in the b color. I just didn't make it up that way. I include these file names to be able to customize designs for people. So, if you like something, but it is the wrong color, don't be afraid to ask if you can get it in a different one.

Bangles and Bows

by edsel2084
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