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2015 - Tartan Fling - Calendar fabric by moirarae on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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A blinding flash of inspiration - when travelling up the Stranraer road to Cardoness in Dumphries!

This years background Tartan is 'Moor & Heather'.

For those of you who prefer a sturdier tea-towel this has been designed to fit an FQ of the Linen and Cotton.
And by pure chance this fits perfectly on the gift wrap option - so if you'd prefer a paper copy - you 'll get four.
In the Wallpaper option you could go for the peel & Stick and have nine - yes, nine - one for you and eight for your friends!

If you need a little help with the sewing this visual aid will help - originally done for the knitting needle tidies but the corners are equally applicable here: HOW TO MAKE TIDIES

Sold :
2013 Version : Sold 2 FQs on Linen-Cotton Canvas 30 October 2012
2014... 3 Fat Quarters Linen-Cotton Canvas 2nd October 2014
2 FQ on Linen-Cotton Canvas 7th November 2014
1 FQ on Linen-Cotton Canvas 11th November 2014
1 FQ on Linen-Cotton Canvas 16th February 2015

2015 - Tartan Fling - Calendar

by: moirarae
Please note that this design is intended for print on linen-cotton-canvas - and here's a crazy idea - cut to size from gift wrap or wallpaper!
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Vertical: 1
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