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Lil Red Robin fabric by wednesdaysgirl on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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You will need...good scissors, a craft knife, a 3" x 4" piece of double-sided fusible stiff interfacing (I use Fast2Fuse heavyweight), a 4" x 5" piece of iron on adhesive (I use HeatnBond Ultrahold), a needle & thread, a bodkin and embroidery thread, a hot iron. 1. Cut along the horizontal dotted line to separate the birds from the wings (the striped area decorated with a poem for your pleasure). 2. Fold the birds together right side out so that the front matches the back and slot the stiff interfacing perfectly between the two layers of fabric. 3. Fuse the fabric to the interfacing by ironing on both sides turning from time to time to ensure an even finish. 4. Using a good, sharp fabric scissors cut around the outline of Lil Robin and press again to ensure a good bond. 5. Using a craft knife cut out and remove the thick black slot in the centre of Lil Robin's body. 6.Place the striped wing fabric face down. Place the sheet of iron on adhesive, paper side up, so that it fits perfectly on to one side of the fabric (the middle is marked with a dotted line, it should sit perfectly to the right or left of this). 7. Iron over the paper until it becomes easy to peel away. Remove the paper, fold over the remaining side and fuse together using the iron. 8. You should now have a 4" x 5" double sided piece of fabric. Using the stripes as a guide fold and press along each line to create a concertina or corrugated effect. 9. Push the pleated wings through the slot in Lil Robin's body to half way. Gently fan out each wing on both sides of the body until they meet above the bird. Secure at this meeting point with a stitch. 10. Use the bodkin to thread a length of embroidery thread through close to the stitch and create a loop so that you can hang your Lil red Robin up as a decoration. Enjoy!!! : ) with love from Wednesday's Girl

Lil Red Robin

by wednesdaysgirl
A beautiful Lil Red Robin for you to make yourself and hang up at Christmas time. See below for the instructions:
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