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Bondage Spiders fabric by glindabunny on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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The male black widow spider is doomed from the beginning. A male Latrodectus Hesperus, the western black widow spider, will stop hunting once he reaches his final molt. He pushes aside his stabbing hunger to seek out a tortured romance with a sleek, beautiful, and much larger dominatrix. He will try to find one who has recently eaten, but even a well fed female won't postpone his fate. He trembles with nervous desire, casting scented silks at his beloved, aching to complete his short existence by communing with her, however briefly. He hasn't eaten or spun silk since he reached manhood, and this seductive veil, laced with his own version of pheromones and genetic material, represents his final creation. If she likes what she smells or feels, she will join his dance, gyrating and pulsating to his beat, raising the frenzied pitch of their ritual. She becomes intoxicated by his scent and consumed with lust. She could easily break his silken bonds with which she's tied, but she remains a willing captive in their coital game. She will not kill him if he pleases her. Once he has completed his life's crowning achievement, part of his body breaks off inside of her. He no longer has any life purpose. He could escape her web easily, but he often prefers to stay, broken and spent, and offer his fading corpse as a gift to his gleaming black goddess. Some small part of him hopes that his remains could provide some nutrition to ensure the survival of his lover and their children. For more information, see this fascinating study: http://www.americanarachnology.org/JoA_free/JoA_v7_n1/%20JoA_v7_p69.pdf

Bondage Spiders

by glindabunny
I drew this design from scratch to showcase the curious mating rituals of black widow spiders. The red words exemplify what the female might say, while the gray words represent the male's attitude.
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