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zOmBAMA doll fabric by glimmericks on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Contest entry for Zombie doll contest. A bit of stuffing, some wire and thread are all you need to create a poseable Zombie Potus. Extra fabric around the head, body and arms help create a more life-like 3D sculpture when sewn and stuffed. To create a wire armature, use 3 lengths of wire that are the height of the doll. Place one in each leg and tie together above doll's "waist". Place the third wire across the two bound wires at shoulder level. Stitch doll body face-to-face, leaving shoulders and head unstitched. Invert body, place wire armature inside doll and stuff. Stitch head and shoulder closed by hand, leaving arm wires exposed. Make arms. Slide onto exposed wires at shoulders and tack arms to shoulders. You should end up with wire in each arm and leg, along with the top parts of the two leg wires stiffening the body, neck and head. Glimmericks Collections available at Glimmericks web site

zOmBAMA doll

by glimmericks
Click "GLIMMERICKS" above to visit my shop. Visit http://www.glimmericks.com/fabric-collections.html for an organized list of my collections.
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