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From Moscow with attitude. © Su Schaefer 2012

I created this design at the height of the Pussy Riot affair in Russia, as a pastiche referencing images that use 'girls' as a lure, and various silhouettes that I balaclavaed and subverted (see if you can spot the knitter) to try and turn them, together with strong colors, into an image of strong women. The hot pink used in this design is available here as a solid or block color. And an alternative colorway is 'From Moscow in mulberry and balaclavas' - with the mulberry and strawberry colors giving it a quite different feel.

Thanks very much to everyone who commented that it works as a celebratory image of the strength of women, and to Sue Ellen for the suggestion to enter it in the Girl Power Contest, with the idea that it could be an interesting fabric for older girls' clothing.

It printed beautifully as a fabric (I have yardage on poplin that I'm looking forward to sewing and wearing). And I'm delighted that it's being used as one of the pieces in a 'Feminist Quilt'.

Ink pen & stencils, designed as a half-drop, basic repeat. [Fabric: currently showing at 450 ppi (proofed and printed @ 450 ppi, previously set at 235 ppi for Contest), Wallpaper: 175, Decal: 285, Gift wrap: 450 ppi]

From Moscow with Attitude

By: su_g
From Moscow with attitude. Ink pen and stencils. Entry in the Girl power Contest. © Su Schaefer 2012
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