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From Moscow with attitude.
© Su Schaefer 2012

I created this design at the height of the Pussy Riot affair in Russia, as a pastiche referencing images that use 'girls' as a lure, and various silhouettes that I balaclavaed and subverted (see if you can spot the knitter) to try and turn them, together with strong colors, into an image of strong women. 'Deep hot pink (d8279c)' is a coordinating solid. An alternative colorway is 'From Moscow in mulberry and balaclavas' - with the mulberry and strawberry colors giving it a quite different feel.

My thanks to everyone who commented that it works as a celebratory image of the strength of women, and to Sue Ellen for the suggestion to enter it in the Girl Power Contest as a potentially interesting fabric for older girls' clothing.

It printed beautifully as a fabric (I have yardage on poplin that I'm looking forward to sewing and wearing). And I'm delighted that it's being used as one of the pieces in a 'Feminist Quilt'.

Ink pen & stencils, designed as a half-drop, basic repeat.
[Fabric: currently set @ 450 ppi, Wallpaper: 175, Gift wrap: 450 ppi]

From Moscow with Attitude

by su_g
From Moscow with attitude. Ink pen and stencils. Entry in the Girl power Contest. © Su Schaefer 2012
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