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Farming Pineapples fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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A stylized hot sun sneaks out from behind the tops of an equally stylized pineapple in this bright and tropical abstract vertical stripe print. The pineapples are still green and they have lots of fine lines and dots in them but so does the blue sky and the sun seems it could double as the captain's wheel on a ship. The farmer really should have trimmed all those strings. In the small orange centered diamond a child seems to have been playing cat's cradle. The larger twisted white lines that surround a central diamond look more like spaghetti. Of course there is no sauce. That would be red and destroy the tropical pastel palette of this design. By now I suspect that you have figured out that I am just making up different stories for each element I see. You really can interpret the green barrel shaped form that is sprouting at both ends as a pineapple, if you want. But in reality this is all an abstract and any ice cream cones I see between the pineapples, or insects are just Rorschach block fun. (file L03h2)

Farming Pineapples

by edsel2084
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