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The Weekender - Jewellery Roll Bag fabric by madex on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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A mini jewellery roll up bag, perfect for weekends away! Have done a prototype, my sewing is not the greatest unfortunately but I am hoping to update this with another jewellery roll bag which I will do a photo tutorial for and post in my blog. Will update once completed. Instructions: 1. Fuse the medium weight interfacing to the pocket linings & main lining, also fuse the fleece to the outer fabric, following the manufacturers guidelines. (Note; outer fabric matches the bag ties). 2. Take the lining fabric & position two of the rectangle pocket lining fabric on top, right sides facing - make sure you allow for space in the middle of the lining for the necklace holder. 3. Mark out a central rectangle 7 inches wide by half inch tall on each of the pocket linings, at least half inch from top of pocket lining. Stitch around rectangles you have marked, then cut an opening in that rectangle for zipper teeth making sure you do not cut too close to stitches. 4. Turn the pocket linings through to the back of the lining through the opening you have just cut. You will then need to press the pockets linings to get a neat opening. 5. With the green lining fabric facing up, place the zips in position behind the openings you have made, pin at each end to hold zipper in place. Ensure that zipper is center of opening. Attach zipper foot, sew around each rectangle openings as close to the edge as possible. 6. Once zips are inserted, turn lining over so that you have the two pocket linings facing up, then attach the remaining 2 pocket linings, making sure right sides facing, pin in place. Sew a quarter inch or smaller seam all around the edge of each pocket lining making sure you do not sew the main bag lining. 7. Make the necklace holder by pinning the two pieces together, right sides facing. Sew two parallel seams (quite close to the edge), then lightly stuff with stuffing, then sew the two open ends to the main bag lining. 8. Take make bag ties; iron each fabric piece in half and then half each half again and iron, then bring both sides together to iron. You should be left with a bag tie about a quarter of an inch wide. Sew vertically down each bag tie, neaten edges. 9. Putting it all together. Layer the following pieces; heavy sew-in interfacing, lining fabric right side facing up (so that pocket lining pieces are directly on top of the heavy sew-in interfacing), outer fabric with wrong side up. The bag ties will be placed between the right sides of the lining and outer fabric. Pin in place and sew quarter inch seam all the way around the square, leaving a gap of 3 inches on the side for turning through. Ensure you reinforce the bag ties by sewing backwards and forwards over that area. 10. Trim excess fabric, cut corners to remove bulk. Turn right side out. Press jewellery roll bag, then top stitch gap closed ensuring you sew as close to the edge as possible. This project took me about 5-6 hours to make but I was quite tired so it could be completed quicker. The instructions are similar to Angharad Jewellery Roll tutorial I found online, I have amended them to fit my requirements.

The Weekender - Jewellery Roll Bag

by madex
A mini jewellery roll up bag, perfect for weekends away! Have done a prototype, my sewing is not the greatest unfortunately but I am hoping to update
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