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Just Crate! - Fat Quarter box cushion or bag fabric by bonnie_phantasm on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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A fat quarter will give you one crate, but if you look at the '1 yard' view, you'll see that one yard of fabric will give you four different crates!

This is a cut-and-sew pattern for realistic wooden crates, which can be made up as square cushions or even as crate "bags" that close with a zipper - a handle is included for those (or for the closed crate cushion, if you like!).

Also, of course, weathered labels are included with the crates, which you can (but don't need to!) sew to the crates.
There's even an address label which you can write on with a permanent marker and then sew it to the crate.

Here are the instructions:
- Cut out all main box pieces (those are the wood pieces).
The main box “cross” has to be cut out as one piece; which leaves just a small seam allowance towards the ‘lid’ (that's the crate part in the bottom right corner of layout); so cut carefully.
The seam allowance, by the way, is the blurred area around the crate pieces.
After cutting, either serge / zigzag all edges or apply fray check / fabric glue so the edges won't fray.
If you plan on making a box that can be opened, use 'box' pieces as a pattern for a lining.

- The “labels” have to be cut according to their print (with a ‘torn’ edge). Don’t worry about fraying for those; they are cut on the bias so fraying will be minimal, if any.

- Sew main box cross together at sides A+A; B+B etc.
Attach lid on side E ONLY first.

- If desired, sew on labels. In case you want to use the address label (after all, you don't have to use all the labels, or even any of them - it's all up to you!), use a permanent marker to write an address on the label.
For example, if you plan to make this box as a gift, write the name and address of the one to be gifted on the label.
It’s easier to sew the labels on before sewing the lid close (or the lining in) in case you want a label to run over a corner of the box.
You just need to do running stitches to attach the labels to the box. Use a thread color similar to the 'beigeish' label color.

- If desired, sew the ‘carry strap’ (that's the long wooden piece on the top right of each box layout) close along the long sides (right side facing right side, folded along the center), turn the finished strip, then attach to center of sides G and H of main box cross.

- If you plan to make a crate that can be opened, sew a zipper along sides F, G and H on both box and lid; then sew the lining into the box.

- If you plan to make a crate that is closed, just close sides G and F, then turn the sewn crate inside out (so the right side of the fabric is outside). Stuff the crate with scraps or batting, after that carefully close side H from the outside using running stitches.

Finished :-)

If you were always wondering how different colors print on the various fabrics that Spoonflower offers, please do have a look at my website where I have quite a few comprehensive photos of color swatches printed on various fabrics!

If you like my designs, please like my page on Facebook!

Just Crate! - Fat Quarter box cushion or bag

by bonnie_phantasm
'Crate' cushions or pillows.
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