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fairy cakes in 3D fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Literal fairy-cakes in 3D. Because.

See 2D version of finished concept here.

One fat quarter (of 21" by 18") contains enough fabric pieces to make 4 fairy-cakes of different colours. So you and your friends can make a set together. There is also a file with the pieces for one fairy-cake squashed into a swatch. But this relies on you using the tiny bit of extra fabric around the edges of the printed area to complete the seam allowance margins! If you want to make these on cotton silk (which is a narrower yard or FQ), ask me to adjust the file for you (probably by removing all instructions).

In addition to sewing equipment, you'll need stuffing to fill the cup-cake bodies. The wings should be fine without much stiffening. For greater verisimilitude, you may also want to acquire some silky / flossy threads for fairy hair and some small pieces of flesh-toned felt to sew in around the top of the cup as protruding hands and feet. For those who are squeamish about baking fairies into cakes, it is also possible to assemble 4 cakes with plain iced tops (hence the spare pieces and the lack of hands and feet drawn onto the body of the cake). These simple cup-cakes could then function as pin-cushions with the decorative heads of pins acting as sprinkles on the icing.

Fairy cake assembly:

0. Carefully cut out the pieces. The 1/3 inch seam allowance is coloured. You'll need to snip around the tighter curves to let the pieces join up and be reversed without too much crumpling.

1. If you are going to include the wings, you should make these first. Match them up in pairs (unless you want to mix different top sides and undersides!) and sew those, right sides together, leaving the bottom open to turn right side out again. At such a small scale, I wouldn't bother to pad them but it's up to you.

2. To make the shallow cone of the cake top, you will be sewing from the centre of the circle to its edge. Without wings, you can treat the missing arc as a dart. But, to insert the wings along the way, you'll need to snip nearly to the centre. Then the wings should be positioned together (right sides out!) in this slit, with their backs pointing towards the centre of the circle and their bases protruding into the cone's radial seam while you sew it (right sides together). See the 2D version for the intended orientation.

3. If you are going to add hands and feet for the embedded fairy, this is the time you should pin them around the top of the cup side piece in the appropriate locations - hands currently far apart, near the side edges, and feet relatively close together at the centre of the quarter arc. Now, lining up the first edge of the cup side piece with your existing cone seam (right sides together), sew all the way around to join the cake top to the top of the cake side (with the hands and feet tucked inwards at this point). If you were going to use a tassel for fairy hair, you should attach it now, in the junction between the pieces, before joining the side edges.

4. Next, join the two edges of the cup side piece - so the arc of its base becomes a circle ready for the base piece.

5. Sew around the base piece (still all right sides together!) to join that onto the bottom of the rest of the cake; but stop before completing the circle - with enough of a gap so that you can turn the whole thing right sides out and stuff it. Then you can complete that last seam.

6. The simple cake is now done (and ready to use as ammunition in a cake fight or whatever). However, if you are making the fairy version of the cake, you will probably want to add the finishing touch of some fairy hair - in the form of silky / flossy threads, knotted onto the seam where the top cone (and its slit) meets the top of the cup side piece, so it dangles down nicely.
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fairy cakes in 3D

by sef
Literal fairy cakes in 3D.
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