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Bogota Sunangel fabric by modgeek on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Bogota Sunangel is a hummingbird species with a bluish black body, deeply forked dark purple tail, and bright green crown and chin. This species isn't officially considered extinct, due to a lack of data. It is only known from one specimen from Bogota from 1909, and has never been seen alive. It is thought that the Bogota Sunangel lived in the cloud forest of Colombia. Recently, the hummingbird species was thought to have been rediscovered, but the bird found does not match the description of the Bogota Sunangel. DNA analysis will give the final answer. (I am not a bird person, but am somewhat following this development since finding out about it). From descriptions and pictures of the 1909 specimen, the Bogota Sunangel was a gorgeous hummingbird.

The Bogota Sunangels and fuchsia flowers were hand drawn, then scanned, then put into repeat. I used a painting of what the Bogota Sunangel may have looked like alive and a picture of another hummingbird as guides. Though my depictions of it are very stylized. There are only two paintings depicting the Bogota Sunangel that I have found. Luckily, there are extensive pictures and description of the 1909 specimen from an examination in the early 1990s. DNA testing of the specimen was recently done, and showed that the Bogota Sunangel really was a true species, and not a hybrid.

Bogota Sunangel

by modgeek
Print inspired by the Bogota Sunangel hummingbird.
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