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Ombre Wishing Gown Inspired Fabric - #4 - Violet Tinted fabric by kaedralynn on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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I had my design private for a while but a lot of people were asking me about it. Instead of releasing ones similar to those already available on Spoonflower, I thought I'd offer up my own interpretation which is sort of different (a bit bolder, and of course ombre). On previous gowns I've used a plainer version but I'm fascinated with how this ombre came out and wanted to share it. It makes cotton look a little more like silk. I originally photoshopped this design years ago before I knew about Spoonflower, and did it to have it made into a laser-cut stencil for my first Wishing Gown. But the file has come in handy since I've been using fabric printing on here :) (I don't recommend the stencil method. You can read the horrors about it here: http://bit.ly/1se7Txy ) - Spoonflower is so much easier and worth the cost. I highly recommend purchasing this fabric in Organic Cotton Sateen as it has the best combination of color, contrast, and sheen.

Ombre Wishing Gown Inspired Fabric - #4 - Violet Tinted

by kaedralynn
A violet-tinted version of my ''original'' Ombre Wishing Gown Inspired Fabric.
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