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Retro_Chefs_Hat fabric by peppermintpatty on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This groovy chef’s hat with retro style illustrations will make you a hat to fit a head size of approx. 23 inch max. You can make that slightly smaller with adjustments to the brim part. This pattern contains your main fabric (illustrations on black panels) and your lining pieces (green), you will need to provide interfacing for the ‘crown’ part to give it some strength and fasteners e.g button, snap fasteners etc. Let’s get started: To make the crown: Cut out the 7 black panels along the dashed red line. Also cut 7 matching size interfacing panels. Pin and tack each fabric piece right sides up to an interfacing piece. With the interfacing sides up, machine stitch the crown segments together one by one, stitch with 3/8 in seam allowance. Press each seam open and remove any tacking stitches. (to make the curves a bit neater you may want to cut notches in before pressing). Try on the crown part, hopefully that will fit or be a little large (the brim will be able to bring it in a bit for a smaller size), in the case of the crown being a bit small, you may have to unpick some panels and re-stitch with a smaller seam allowance. If all is ok at this stage, turn under the raw edge at base, press and then neatly stitch down. To make the brim: Cut out the 2 black brim panels, you have the option here to have the outer panel on display with Chef de la Maison visible, or if you prefer a plain brim with no text you need to use the inner brim instead of the outer brim. Place the brim pieces right sides together and stitch around 3 sides (3/8 in seam allowance) leaving one of the small sides open. Turn the brim right sides out and press the edges flat. Fold the raw edges of the open small edge inside, press and then stitch up. Next we need to fold the brim in halfway lengthways, at this point you need your text showing if you want Chef de la Maison visible, or if you prefer it plain, fold so that the text is hidden inside. Now press flat along the folded crease. Stitch along the length of the curvy edge of the brim, this stitching is visible so up to you if you want to choose a decorative stitch or a zig-zag. Set aside the brim. To make up hat: Having tried the crown on for an approximate fit we can now start to put the hat together. You need to cut out the 7 green lining panels and stitch them together as described for the main crown part (no interfacing reqd) and press open the seams. With wrong side of lining facing wrong side of main hat crown, pin lining to base of crown, next turn under raw edge at base of lining to be level with machine stitched base edge of main crown and press down. Neatly hand stitch lining to machine stitched base edge. Turn crown to right side and press away any creases. Attach the brim: At this stage take the brim and pin and then tack it to the edge of the crown, the straight edge needs to go against the crown. You can either have the brim stitched over the crown if you want it more visible and have the text showing or position it inside the crown if you prefer. Machine stitch the brim and leave approx. 2 inches unstitched at each end to allow for fasteners. You now have the freedom to attach whatever fastening device will give you a nice, secure fitting hat. Suggestions would be, snap fasteners, velcro, a button with an elastic loop for some flexibility or anything else you prefer. With fasteners attached your hat is almost ready. If you want to add that last finishing touch, you could make a fabric covered button to stitch on the top of the crown to cover any slight imperfections were the 7 panels meet. You’re ready to go and get creative in the kitchen! (Please Note: I have only tried this hat design out with paper panels at this stage so I cannot confirm it’s success until I decide to order a printed fabric version. Depending on the success of the chef’s hat, a matching apron may follow.)


by peppermintpatty
This groovy chef’s hat with retro style illustrations will make you a hat to fit a head size of approx. 23 inch max. You can make that slightly smal
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