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Two embroidered Tricorns fabric by bonnie_phantasm on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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One yard of fabric will give you two embroidered tricorn hats!

One is pink with dots and embroidered with flowers; the other one blue-striped with netting overlay and nautical embroideries.
I don't think I need to write this because you probably know it if you know Spoonflower; but the embroideries aren't actually embroidered to the fabric, but they're printed on, mock embroideries - just thought I should mention that. Nevertheless, because they're digitized from real embroideries and also have some shading beneath them, they'll still look realistic from a distance.
Also, besides a yard of this fabric, to make the tricorns you will need some stiff, fusible interfacing which you will have to iron to the backside of the fabric.
This design will only work on fabrics that are at least 42 inches wide. If the fabric is wider, the design is partially repeated; but if it's narrower, parts of the design are getting cut off and you won't be able to make the hats.
Both tricorns have a finished inner circumference of approximately 21 inch (53cm). They're a bit smaller than 'full size' tricorns (which would cover your head to the ears - these don't; they're supposed to sit more on top of the head).
In case you've seen it; there was a similarly shaped tricorn in the movie 'Marie Antoinette' (which Marie wore when meeting her husband for the first time, after being re-dressed).

Full, illustrated instructions how to make the hats are given in the fabric design.
Of course you can decorate the finished tricorns with lace, pearls, beads, nautical charms, trims, feathers or whatever comes to mind; so even IF you should meet someone who used the same fabric to make the tricorns, yours will still look different.
The only limit is your imagination!

Also, I've included some 'stand-alone' embroideries on the parts of the fabric that won't be sewn into either of both hats. You can use those for quilting, or maybe make patches for your clothing or bag from them so the clothing or bag will match the tricorn :-)

If you were always wondering how different colors print on the various fabrics that Spoonflower offers, please do have a look at my website where I have quite a few comprehensive photos of color swatches printed on various fabrics!

If you like my designs, please like my page on Facebook!

Two embroidered Tricorns

by bonnie_phantasm
One yard of fabric will give you two embroidered tricorn hats!
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