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Georgette Heyer hated puce (readable text) fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Along with Jane Austen's, Georgette Heyer's are some of my favourite books. Like Jane, Georgette has some wonderfully witty lines, and my all time favourite, from 'Devil's Cub' is "But then, you chose puce" (see context below & details in thumbnails under the design image). Thinking that Georgette and puce would make an interesting theme for this contest I was surprised to find, while researching, a website dedicated to mentions of puce in her books! (Called The Puce Page, and part of the Georgette Heyer Fan Website). The other snippets of dialogue are from there. My other surprising discovery was the many colors that go under the name 'puce' (my reference here is Puce from Wikipedia). So this was my entry in the Books theme Contest.
© Su Schaefer 2012

The full conversation that includes my favorite line:

He was annoyed, and showed it. "I believe you've not heard one word!" he said.
"I was thinking," said Mary thoughtfully, "that puce does not become you, Joshua."
"Puce?" stammered Mr Simpkins. "Become me? What -- Why --?"
"It is maybe your complexion that's too high for it," mused Miss Challoner.
Mr Simpkins said with dignity: "I was speaking of Sophia, Mary."
"I'm sure she would agree with me," replied the lady maddeningly.
"She's too easy, cousin. She don't know the path she treads," Joshua said, trying to bring the conversation back to its original topic. "She's very different from you, you know."
A slow smile curled Miss Challoner's lips. "I do, of course, but it's hardly kind in you to tell me so," she said.
"In my eyes," declared Joshua, "you are the prettier."
Miss Challoner seemed to consider this. "Yes?" she said interestedly. "But then, you chose puce." She shook her head, and it was apparent she set no store by the compliment.

From 'Devil's Cub' by Georgette Heyer.

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Line art & readable text on puce gradients, half-drop repeat.
[Currently set @: Fabric: 750 ppi, Wallpaper: 262, Gift wrap: 484 ppi]

Georgette Heyer hated puce (readable text)

by su_g
Georgette Heyer hated puce (with readable text). Entry in the Books theme Contest. Line art & text on puce gradients. © Su Schaefer 2012
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