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8 party bags - halloween fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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8 party bags in 8 different designs. On a fat quarter (of Kona) you get just 2 little bags to make. On a full yard you get all 8 bags - plus some extra patterned strips on the wider fabric types, eg for matching handles. Currently displaying a set for halloween parties.

To make the bags:

• extend the guide lines into the selvage on either side. This will form either your drawstring turnover or the handles of the bag.

• cut out each bag very carefully. For tote bags you should now cut off (and keep!) the white strips for making the handles.

• Fold the patterned strip for each bag in half and sew up the seams. For a tote bag you may want to use french seams (to improve longevity) which means sewing right sides out first before inverting and sewing back over the original seams to enclose them. For a drawstring bag you're better off with simple seams (possibly edged with zig-zag stitch to avoid fraying) and you need to leave the white band at the top open for threading the strings.

• Hem the top. For a tote bag this is simple - 2 small folds inwards and a line of stitches around the circumference to hold the hem. For a drawstring bag you do it in 2 separate halves, leaving a large turnover (ie the whole of that plain white band) to hold the strings.

• The tote bag handles are made from the white strips - 2 per bag. Fold them in from the edges, along the length, a bit like bias binding and then in half down the middle to trap the fraying edges. You should have a 4-layer thick sandwich, 9" long, requiring a simple (but fiddly!) line of stitches along its length to hold it. Oversew the ends to prevent fraying and attach these firmly to each side of the top of the bag.

• Draw-strings can be made from any convenient "wool" (including cotton or artificial versions of wool), thin cord or ribbon. You need 2 lengths of just over 18" each, threaded along each face, through the turnovers at the top of the bag, from different directions - so that there's a knot to pull from each side.

Depending on the size of your seams and choice of assembly method, each bag will be about 8 to 8½ inches wide by 9½ to 10 inches deep.

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8 party bags - halloween

by sef
8 party bags (of just under 9" wide by 10" deep).
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