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Color Map

The Spoonflower Color Map is another tool designed to help you with color matching and is set up to print onto one full yard of any of our fabrics and on 4ft of wallpaper. This color map is comprised of over 1400 color chips and their hex codes.

Order a color map on your choice of product


Color Guide

The color guide is an 8"x8" swatch of printed Basic Cotton Ultra with 171 color chips and their hex codes. You can use the color guide with design programs, such as PicMonkey, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Colourlovers. You can also use the color guide together with the color changer on Spoonflower.

Get a color guide for $1.00


Swatch Booklet

Each Sample booklet contains a 4" x 4" unprinted swatch of each of our fabrics plus samples of wallpaper and gift wrap. The price is a nominal $1.00 for the booklet, and shipping is free.

Get a fabric sample pack for $1.00

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