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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Bowling

Bowling Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: September 07, 2011

Continuing with our tradition of holding the occasional sports-themed design competition (fishing fabric, anyone?), this week's bowling contest offered a tournament's worth of fabulous fabrics. The winner -- by a healthy margin -- was Jennifer Wambach, a New York artist who has now won four Fabric Of the Week competitions (<a href=""> Hawaiian cheater quilt</a>, <a href=""> alphabet</a>, <a href=""> pointillism</a>), which puts her in a very elite group of designers in our community. Congratulations, Jennifer! The top ten bowling designs all look amazing, of course. On a personal note, I much prefer bowling to golf because it's much harder to lose the ball. Read more about <a href="">Bowlerific Top Ten: Are These Contest-Winning Bowling Fabrics Up Your Alley?</a>.

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