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Spoonflower Fabric of the Week 2013 Staff ContestContest

2013 staff contest Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: March 20, 2013

This year Spoonflower crew members asked to try their hands at something that, in many cases, they had never tried to do in their lives: creating a quilt. The fifteen teams produced a number of witty, creative and in some cases even beautiful efforts. They included an LED-lit quilt, a 3-D quilt that showcased fabric manipulation techniques, a scented quilt with a flower design, and a tribute to Spoonflower's hometown of Durham. The winner turned out to be a tribute to Spoonflower itself, and to the many talented designers who make up our community. With all the votes counted, the Staff Challenge winner is the Spoonlandia quilt by the team of John, Abbey and Laurie. Way to go, teams!

Vote in this week's contest:

Cubist Cats

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Upcoming contests

Coral, mint, black and white

We just love coral, mint, black, and white all together in designs! This week's challenge calls for you to create a design using all four colors in this restricted palette, (visible on the blog here:, no less, no more. Previews will be shown at the fat quarter size (21" x 18"). Deadline for entry is Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015. Voting opens Thursday, March 5th.


This week's challenge is celebrating our favorite utensil in the drawer, spoons! Create a spoon-themed design to be previewed at the fat quarter size (21" x 18"). Deadline for entry is Tuesday, March 10th. Voting will open on Thursday, March 12th.


This week's contest celebrates a little beagle named Miss P, winner of best in show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the cutest pup in town. Create a beagle-themed design to be previewed at the fat quarter size (21" x 18"). Deadline for entry is Tuesday, March 17th. Voting will open on Thursday, March 19th.

Southwest baby bedding

We’re teaming up with Carousel Designs for our Southwest Baby Bedding Design Challenge! Create a southwest-inspired fabric design to be used in a baby bedding collection. Please see the blog for more details. Deadline for entry is Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Voting will open Thursday, March 26, 2015.

Instructions and rules for our weekly fabric design contests appear on our upcoming contests page .

Top 10 2013 staff contest Designs

1. NewSpoon Front
Final Quilt
2. Final Quilt
Ryan Gosling Pixel Quilt - Staff Challenge 2013
3. Ryan Gosling Pixel Quilt ...
Kite Quilt
4. Kite Quilt
5. Honeybees
Steampunk Chess and Checkers on 2yds Sateen
6. Steampunk Chess and Check...
Mandala Cheater Quilt
7. Mandala Cheater Quilt
dignity kwillt
8. dignity kwillt
Craft Revolution
9. Craft Revolution
Lozenge / Honeycomb
10. Lozenge / Honeycomb

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