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The Spoonflower Color Map

The Spoonflower Color Map is another tool designed to help you with color matching and is set up to print onto one full yard of any of our fabrics. This color map is comprised of over 1400 color chips and their hex codes. This is an advanced color tool to assist designers with general color selection in a design program.

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Download a digital copy of the Spoonflower Color Map

You can preview your final print by using the ICC profiles provided below to assist in color selection. “Soft proofing” essentially matches your monitor (the larger RGB color space) to the printer (the smaller output space). Most design programs, including Photoshop, have the capability to soft proof. Soft proofing will not exactly replicate a printed piece of fabric, but it comes pretty close. For the best results, you may wish to calibrate your monitor.

To use our ICC profiles for soft proofing, download the files and save accordingly before opening Photoshop or another design program.

For all ICC Profiles (recommended): Download all Fabric & Wall Media ICC Profiles as a ZIP file

To download individual profiles, please choose from the links below.

For Basic Combed Cotton: Download the Basic Combed Cotton ICC Profile

For Kona® Cotton: Download the Kona® Cotton ICC Profile

For Cotton Poplin: Download the Cotton Poplin ICC Profile

For Cotton Voile: Download the Cotton Voile ICC Profile

For Cotton Silk: Download the Cotton Silk ICC Profile

For Linen-Cotton Canvas: Download the Linen-Cotton Canvas ICC Profile

For Organic Cotton Interlock Knit: Download the Organic Cotton Interlock Knit ICC Profile

For Organic Cotton Sateen: Download the Organic Cotton Sateen ICC Profile

For Heavy Cotton Twill: Download the Heavy Cotton Twill ICC Profile

For Silk Crepe de Chine: Download the Silk Crepe de Chine ICC Profile

For Performance Knit: Download the Performance Knit ICC Profile

For Modern Jersey: Download the Modern Jersey ICC Profile

For Silky Faille: Download the Silky Faille ICC Profile

For Faux Suede: Download the Faux Suede ICC Profile

For Eco Canvas: Download the Eco Canvas ICC Profile

For Performance Piqué: Download the Performance Piqué ICC Profile

For Satin: Download the Satin ICC Profile

For Poly Crepe de Chine: Download the Poly Crepe de Chine ICC Profile

For Ottoman Rib: Download the Ottoman Rib ICC Profile

For Smooth Wallpaper: Download the Smooth Wallpaper ICC Profile

For Woven Wallpaper: Download the Woven Wallpaper ICC Profile

For Windows:

Save the ICC files to this directory for use with your design program:


For Macs:

ICC profiles can be saved in two locations on a Mac:

If you have admin access, save it to: HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles.

If you do not have admin access save it to: /Users/Library/ColorSync/Profiles

Use the profile to Soft Proof in Photoshop

  • Open your design in Photoshop
  • Select View then Proof Setup and finally Custom
  • Under Device to Simulate select the ICC you would like to proof
  • Make sure the rendering intent is Relative and the Black point Compensation is checked

Your monitor will now approximate what the the final output will be including all the limitations and color adjustments that the printer and its profile will execute.

Use the profile to print

  • Open the image in Photoshop
  • Select File: Print with Preview
  • Check More Options
  • Choose Color Management from the popup menu
  • Choose Document in the Print Field
  • Choose Let Photoshop Determine Colors under Color Handling in the Options Field
  • Choose the profile
  • Choose Relative rendering intent.
  • Check Black Point Compensation
  • Click Print
  • Make sure color management is turned off in the printer driver

To understand why color management is so important please check out this article.

For more information about color management please check out ColorWiki.