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Printed Plaids, all my original designs.
Click on any design to visit its page and purchase fabric
Blue and Yellow plaid
Pink, Gray and Black Plaid
Brown, Black and Gray Plaid
Teal, Black and Peach Plaid
Firefly Plaid 4eclectic synergy0001
Madras in pink, mint green and yellow
Blue Plaid
Pink and Cornflower Plaid
Firefly Plaid 7eclectic
Rose in Snow Plaid
Firefly Plaid 3eclectic
Blue and White Plaid
Pink and Tan Tartan
Tan, Red and Cream Plaid
Sunrise Tartan
Tan and Peach Fuzzy Plaid
Mad about Plaid 2
Purple and Orange Tartan
Teal and Burgundy Plaid
Brown Yellow and Green Plaid
Black, Blue and White Plaid
Firefly Plaid 8eclectic
Moss and Blue Tartan
Firefly Plaid 6eclectic
Firefly Plaid 2eclectic
Raspberry Cream Plaid 2
Plaid Wood
Moss and Tan Tartan
Firefly Plaid 5eclectic synergy0001
Firefly Plaid 1eclectic
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