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Patterns that are infinitely detailed up to the limitations of printed fabric.
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Bird of Fractal Paradise
Red and Blue Vibrant Sun
Red headed alien
Christmas card Ferns
Jeweled frivolity
Yellow and Peach Petal Spiral
Art Deco Galaxy (1/2 brick)
Cooking with Gas
Stars caught in a net
Blue and Yellow Spirals
Art Deco Galaxy (mirror repeat)
Cloisonne Rose
Undersea fronds
Butterfly found on a Hippie's Levi's
Blooming Spiral in Pink
Magic Carpet
Fractal Picture Frame
Alien Beach Water
Undersea fronds, pink
Alien Beach Fire
Zebra Fish in Wild Colors
Sunrise Reflection
Blue Music Masks
Candy DNA
Blue plaid swirl
Art Deco Bubble Bath
Alien Beach Sand
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