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Designs made from childrens' toys. More kid-friendly designs in my <a href="">art supplies</a> collection. <p>Also take a look at the lego-esque Love Bricks; you can find the Love Bricks <a href="">here</a> and the larger ones <a href="">here</a>.
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an ocean of marbles
daffodil pattern blocks
bubble-chaos on black
bubbles-and-wands on black
bubbles & bubble-wand border
bubble chaos on white
B&W jacks in the air
Neon Spirographs
bubble wands border on white
bubble-wand border on black
tiny bubbles on white
black and white Spirograph
spirograph designs!
pattern blocks - star and cross
phosphorescent fish
Spirograph designs - white on black
shiny jacks in the air
scattered bright pegs
bubble polka dots on white
pattern blocks - star and cross
bubble-grid on black
bright peg lattice
B&W jacks on asphalt
shiny jacks on asphalt
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