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a soupçon of quadrilaterals for all mathematicians, as well as anyone who hates it when the veggies roll off of the cutting board.
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square roots small on Bowditch blue
square roots
square roots small on plane white
square roots small on Hypatian violet
baby square roots on Hypatian violet
Bowditch's blue squares on plane white
Square Root squares - Boolean Brown
Hypatia's squares on plane white
baby square roots on white
square roots small on pale straw
solid Bowditch blue (345159)
Square Root squares - Hypatian Violet
Avogadro's squares on plane white
square roots small on Boolean Brown
Hypatia's Checkerboard
Bowditch's Checkerboard
square roots small on Avogadro green
baby square roots on Avogadro green
solid Avogadro green (4B6832)
solid Hypatian violet (6D5672)
solid Boolean brown (7A3C20)
square root squares - bowditch blue
Avogadro's Checkerboard
Boole's Checkerboard
Square Root squares - Avogadro
baby square roots on Boolean brown
baby square roots on Bowditch Blue
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