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this collection features the dogs who work on farms and ranches and herd the flocks, German shepherds are in a collection of their own
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Blue Merle Australian Shepherds  fabric
Old English Sheepdog Fabric Purple background
Old English Sheepdog Black Background
AUSSIES, two Australian Shepherds
Smooth Collie Fabric
Cardigan Corgis with Paw Prints
Belgian Tervuren With The Flock
two collies fabric
Australian Kelpies and Flock of Sheep
sheepdogs watching the sheep
Pink Puppy Love
Canaan dog, National dog of Israel
bearded collie Floral fabric
Puppy Love briard puppy
border collies on blue
Briards Rule
Cardigan Corgis In The Garden
Puppy Love Belgian Sheepdog
Great Pyrenees Pastoral
Anatolian Shepherd collage
Old English Sheepdog Fabric
Cardigan Corgi Mom and Pup
Border Collie Garden Flag Fabric
briard dog fabric
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