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Designs for gored skirts. Many are cut crosswise on the fabric, may be sized for the linen-cotton. Some are engineered designs with borders and placed designs, or have gores with different patterns.
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Sea-turtles skirt fabric 58w sea colors 2 or 4 yd long skirt or dress gores - bluegreens with butterflies & flowers & koi pond Multicolor_gypsy_skirt_for_Tia_w_CATS_1yd Multicolor_virtual_batik_gypsy_skirt_1-2yd_kids_or_2-yds_adults Art_Nouveau_Stained_Glass_4or6_gore_lined-reversible_engineered_skirt_fabric_2-3yds_54wide-linen Engineered_gored_gypsy_skirt_1yd_kids_BLGRN-BRN Blue_white_virtual_batik3_gypsy_skirt_1yd_kids-w-cats-fish-border Koi_Pond_3yd_long_skirt_or_dress_gores_linen_DK-BLUEGREEN-175
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