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Designs based on games, puzzles and sports. Eg mazes, tangrams (the ancient and traditional Chinese dissection puzzle), magic squares, jigsaws, crosswords etc.
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tangram rotated fretwork stacking acrobats - mardi gras murder on the chess-board racquet plus ball 2j hexagonal cretan labyrinth skittle flower stained glass centred cretan labyrinth 12 olympians the ace of cephalopods skittle flower tile ziggurat zigzag circular cretan labyrinth magic jigsaw (small) 12 olympians - ice blues magic jigsaw (large) tangram diamond fretwork pick a card tennis racquet 1x skittle flower stained glass X fir tree slalom surfing the w-w-waves skittle pinwheel X - mardi gras 12 tangrams dancing tangram rotated 3D tile tangram rotated plain tiling
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