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Don't see exactly what you want - just ask! I can modify colors, rescale or create coordinates as well as entirely new designs. My website is, where you can see more of my work and my blog. Visit for an organized list of all my collections. More navigation aids are on the way! Happy browsing!
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gold eagle - soft gold gold eagle - bright on blue ©2011 wlbamo-sailboats ©2011 wlbamo-coils © 2011 Tricolor love_conquers_all_dark ©2011 sailingcurves ©2011 WLBAMO - Boats - Big ©2011 What little boys are made of - enough to make your head spin salt tulip green © 2011 WLBAMO - Balls and Sand ©2011 wlbamo-boatstictactoe ©2011 molecular tiles big  © 2011 Zig Zag ©2011 blingblocks ©2011 WLBAMO - Sailing the Waves ©2011 Pin Swirl daisy_whee5 ©2011 seed brightideas salt weave red salt weave green ©2011 What Little Boys Are Made Of COPYRIGHT 2011 WLBAMO - Boats - Little gold eagle - bright on red MEDALLION_LACE_COLONIAL salt weave gold salt tulip red
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