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Not quite blue, not quite green, murky shapes fall in between. Don't see exactly what you want - just ask! I can modify colors, rescale or create coordinates as well as entirely new designs. My website is www.glimmericks.com, where you can see more of my work and my blog. Visit http://www.glimmericks.com/fabric-collections.html for an organized list of all my collections. More navigation aids are on the way! Happy browsing!
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 ©2011 Seagrass Symphony - Allegro  ©2011 Geographic H2O-large ©2011 alohasplash_coordinate ©2011 paisley sean 7 ©2011 wizard  ©2011  Diamond Pastel ©2011 Bubblewraps ©2011 sqmd ©2011 Argy Argyle ©2011 niftyblocks2 ©2011 squiggle stitch_works water garden  ©2011 Seagrass Symphony  © 2011 Zig Zag - blues daisy_wheel3 stitch_works T6 ©2011 blue green dotsquare ©2011 molecular tiles- big blue and yellow  ©2011 Flow Pastel Dragon Scales ©2011 Love Those Stripes ocean_palms