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Feathered friends (or fiends!) who chirp and crow Don't see exactly what you want - just ask! I can modify colors, rescale or create coordinates as well as entirely new designs. My website is, where you can see more of my work and my blog. Visit for an organized list of all my collections. More navigation aids are on the way! Happy browsing!
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fancy_flight 4 color contest scale ©2011 Birds of a Jungle - Peach and Blue ©2011 As the Crow flies - Harvest Home  ©2011 Blue Sky Crows ©2011 Rosey Whirley Birds © 2011 The No Left Tern - Straw ©2011 Whirley Birds and White Flowers - blue © 2011 penguin ©2011 Fleur de Lis and Finches ©2011 Birds of a Jungle © 2011 Hang Six fancy_flight subdued Birdies in the Garden ©2011 Whirley Birds and White Flowers - zoom 2 see fancy flight 4 color  blue birds ©2012 Purple Finch and Fleur de Lis - Cocoa ©2011 As the Crow flies fancy flight  white birds © 2011 The No Left Tern - Sand  © 2011 The Elusive Hairpin Tern © 2011 A little birdie told me woodduck sketch Eagles in Flight-deep ©2011 Goldfinch and Fleur de Lis Eagles in Flight-pale Penguin Drops  © 2011 theelusivehairpintern - small version fancy flight  black birds
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