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Applied sciences and engineering - not necessarily real (eg steampunk).
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cryptic clocks S43
R4 gears doubled pale
spanners 4g
R4 gears doubled dark
R4 gears doubled brass/bronze
nuts 3 assorted
flaming torch
anchors 4g x3
plugging away 4
chained 2 U
robot in the gears X
S643 gears - chunky
appliance aviation
polka o'clock - peach / coral
R4 gears doubled copper
How does it know ?!
the clock watches
twelve hour clocks
plugging away 2
hilbert4 plumbing
S643 gears - fine toothed
retro robot cheater quilt
How does it know ?!
polka o'clock (cyan)
nuts - large
sands of time
washers (isometric)
robot in the gears 4
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