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<b><span style="text-transform: uppercase">T</span>his color chart / color map is arranged to printed in organized progressions of hue, tint, shade, and/or tone. <span style="text-transform: uppercase">T</span>he layout includes extra color sets on wider fabrics, and there is a <span style="text-transform: uppercase">F</span>at-<span style="text-transform: uppercase">Q</span>uarter supplement with the extra sets that is available for folks who need the narrower fabrics.</b><br> <span style="text-transform: uppercase">I</span> also now offer a digital image file for use with my color chart that allows you to use your color picker tool to choose colors instead of typing in the hex code--see my chart description for details. <p><font color="red"> <b><i><span style="text-transform: uppercase">PLEASE NOTE THE FABRIC CHOICES AT RIGHT</span> on the purchase page.</b> <span style="text-transform: uppercase">M</span>ost of my fabrics are set to <span style="text-transform: uppercase">O</span>rganic <span style="text-transform: uppercase">C</span>otton <span style="text-transform: uppercase">S</span>ateen as the default because it is the fabric I use to proof most of my colors.</font></i><br><br><span style="text-transform: uppercase">A</span>lso see my other fabric collections on <span style="text-transform: uppercase">S</span>poonflower. <br><i><a href=""><span style="text-transform: uppercase">J</span>ane <span style="text-transform: uppercase">W</span>alker's Fabric Collections</a></i><p> <span style="text-transform: uppercase">S</span>pecialty fabrics and finished products available through my website:<br> <i><a href=""><span style="text-transform: uppercase">A</span>rt and <span style="text-transform: uppercase">D</span>esign by <span style="text-transform: uppercase">J</span>ane <span style="text-transform: uppercase">W</span>alker: greyhound fabric for special projects, greyhound pillows, tablecloths, coasters, and more.</a></i><p> <span style="text-transform: uppercase">M</span>y <span style="text-transform: uppercase"> E</span>tsy Shop has pillow kits and collar fabrics: <br><i><a href=""><span style="text-transform: uppercase">J</span>ane <span style="text-transform: uppercase">W</span>alker Greyhound Fabrics <span style="text-transform: uppercase">E</span>tsy shop</a></i>
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NEW! Practical 1100 Color Chart with supplemental color sets ©2012 by Jane Walker SUPPLEMENT to Practical 1100 Color Chart ©2011 by Jane Walker DECORATIVE COLOR SAMPLER --not my full chart! ©2012 by Jane Walker
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