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A collection of fox fabrics and coordinate patterns.
Click on any design to visit its page and purchase fabric
Red Fox Stripes
Arctic Foxes on White
Arctic Foxes on Teal
Arctic Foxes
Arctic Foxes on Gray
Arctic Foxes on Red
Pastel Fox Stripe
Arctic Foxes Color Request
Red Fox on Green
Red Fox King II.
Arctic Foxes on Linen
Arctic Fox II. Linen
Wide-Eyed Foxes on Red
Winter Coat, Summer Coat
Red Fox King
Linen Red Fox Stripes
Railroaded Arctic Foxes on White
Silver Fox II. Linen
A Red Fox Solves Some Puzzles
Red Fox II.Linen
Teal Foxy
Linen Arctic Foxes on Teal
Silver Fox Stripes
Red Fox Stripes on White
Red Foxy
Rainbow Foxes in Love
All the Foxes
Foxes on Black
Christmas Fox Stripe
Red Fox, Silver Fox
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