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Chevreul is my favorite color theorist (well - fabric people...). He was a dye chemist at the Gobelins tapestry workshop, was in the Napoleonic wars, and lived to be over a 100 years old. He first suggested most of the classic color harmonies, and illusions, which are popularly attributed to others. But my favorite harmonies are the ones he talked about that no one else mentions - suggested by the difficulty of putting together 2 closely related colors. (Well, everyone else's color wheel has 6, 8, or 12 colors in it; his has 60. So they can say that analogous colors (near each other on the wheel) go together, since they don't in fact, deal with any truly closely related colors. (Anyone who has worked in a carpet or interior store knows that putting together for instance 2 blues, is the hardest thing.) He suggests making one color lighter, the other darker, or more and less saturated, so they don't "injure" each other. Delicate vector drawings.
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 Butterfly drawing 2 -  dk bluegreen 175 on lt minagreen 170 Butterfly drawing 2 -  lt minagreen 170 on dk bluegreen 175 Butterfly-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-EGGPLANT-325-peach-rose-344-325-w-fls butterfly-2-vector-dk-brown-30-BLUEGREEN-175 Butterfly multi-swatch - peach-rose-eggplant-purple-periwinkle-brown 183-butterfl-2-vector-blgrn175-DKBRN30 183-butterfl-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-PEACH344-whtlns 183-butterfl-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-DKBLGRN175-grns-175-170-w-fls 183-butterfl-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-DKBRN30-brns-25-35-w-fls 183-butterfly-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-PEACH-344-eggplant-325 Butterfly-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-DK-PURPLE-265-lilac-264-periwinkle-231-w-flowerss Spiral_flower_field_ROSE 4metal_flowers_field_WARMBROWN_CHEVREUL-lg Butterfly-2 - white-lines on BLUEGREEN-175 Butterfl_2_whtlns_LTMGRN170 4metal_flowers_field_BLUEGREENS-175_CHEVREUL-lg Metal_flower_field_BLUEGREENS-175 183-butterfl-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-EGGPL325-whtlns 183-butterfl-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-LAV264-whtlns Metal_flower_field_DEEP-VIOLET-periwinkle 183-butterfl-2-vector-peach344-DKBRN30 183-butterfl-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-EGGPL325-peach344 4metal_flowers_field_EGGPLANT-rose-peach-CHEVREUL-lg Metal_flower_field_EGGPLANT_CHEVREUL Spiral_flower_field_DEEP-VIOLET 4metal_flowers_field_DEEP-VIOLET_periwinkle_CHEVREUL-lg 183-butterfl-2-vector-NEW-chevreul-DKPUR265-lav264
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