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Designs celebrating the wonderful multiverses of geekdom and nerdsphere. Star Trek, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons (or D&D), World of Warcraft, and more; as well as all things Space science, physics, etc
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Warp Speed Tweed Nebula sailing Bow Ties are Cool Janeway - No place like home with stars No time like the present! Voyerger vintage on mauve Janeway No place like home Geode Crystal Spiral Galaxy - (yellow) Janeway-Beauty and Mystery (violet) Janeway-Beauty and Mystery Geek Chic - Captain on Deck Warp Speed Tweed 2 Warp Speed Tweed 1 Spiral Galaxy - Terrahertz 750 plus To Explore Strange New Worlds Geode Crystal Spiral Galaxy - (blue) Janeway on the Bridge Sometimes you are the red shirt Voyerger on white Janeway - No place like home III Voyager into the black space_grid Spiral Galaxy - Terrahertz 550 plus Epic Plaid
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