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A peacock feather on a charcoal background reduced to a teal, light grey, chartreuse, and robin's egg blue. Several coordinates in these colors. More upon request. Find the same pattern in different colorways in You're So Vain, Too!
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Ye Be So Vain, Ye Probably Thinketh This Fabric Be About Ye!
You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Fabric Is About You
Chartreuse Striped Vanity
You May Be Vain - But You Have Many Layers
Scottish Vanity Plaid with Texture
Peacocking ~ Sweet Faun
Scottish Vanity Plaid
A Vain Scotsman
Chartreuse Striped Moire
You Are So Tiny, You Have A Napoleon Complex
You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Quilt Is About You
You're Sooooo Vain, You Think You're The Original
Chartreuse Mad For Plaid
Plaid With Me in Vain
Vainly Striped
You're So Vain, You Think You've Got Depth
Peacock Point
Blushing Peacock ~ Medium
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