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Animals of the Zodiac

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Leo the Lion Dark
Aquarius the Water-Bearing Pelican
Sagittarius the Centaur Archer Olive
Libra the Cow Holding the Scales
Leo the Lion Light
Taurus the Bull Blue
Libra the Bullock Blue
Sagittarius the Centaur Blue
Aquarius the Pelican Orange
Scorpio the Scorpion Dark
Pisces the Fish Blue
Taurus the Bull Orange
Capricorn the Goat Blue
Taurus the Bull Dark
Pisces the Fish Dark
Leo the Lion Olive
Capricorn the Goat Orange
Virgo the Virginal Unicorn Goldenrod
Cancer the Crab Dark
Virgo the Virginal Unicorn Night Sky
Cancer the Crab
Aries the Ram Dark
Virgo the Virginal Unicorn Snow
Gemini the Twin Bower Birds Olive
Aries the Ram Blue
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