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Purple Kraken Celtic Squid

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This purple and taupe collection builds off an earlier group in blues and greens. More textural details are added, and hues range from aubergine and lavender to provincial blue; taupe and sand to ivory and olive. Giant sea squid make great wall hangings and accent pillows. Highly irregular polka dots, jaggy chevrons, stripes and squids. Explore the deep!

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Deep Purple Squid - Inked
Brown Sea Planks
Kraken Squid in Deep Purple
Batik kraken
Squid Zig and Kraken Zag
Kraken -purple and taupe
Giant Chevron Squid
Dark Dotted Kraken
Taupe and khaki kraken
Polka Pods
Kraken--Swirling Seas
Kraken Squid - Ink Purple
Sandy brown squid swirls
Kraken wrapping with white
Crooked Kraken Chevron - half
Peekin Deep Kraken
Purple Peekin Kraken
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