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This collection of bee-themed fabrics (available in smooth or vintage finishes in varying sizes) are for sale through December 31, 2012 with all of my designer's commission to be donated to Heifer International, to provide honey bees and training to families in need of income, food, and vocation.
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Small Worker Bees Medium Honeycomb Medium Vintage Worker Bees Tiny Vintage Honeycomb Large Vintage Honeycomb Large Worker Bees Small Vintage Worker Bees Vintage Stripe Vintage-Bee-Quarters (coordinates) Large Honeycomb Vintage Dots Large Vintage Worker Bees Small Bees Tiny Honeycomb TinyVintageHoneycomb -- Shadow Vintage Bees Bee Stripe Bee Dots Medium Vintage Honeycomb Small Swarm Medium Worker Bees Small Vintage Swarm
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