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An assortment of designs featuring crosses. Don't see exactly what you want - just ask! I can modify colors, rescale or create coordinates as well as entirely new designs. My website is, where you can see more of my work and my blog. Visit for an organized list of all my collections. More navigation aids are on the way! Happy browsing!
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cross_ornament giraffe_cross_gold leopard_cross_purple leopard_cross cross_gold_ocean_flowers_red leopard_cross_emerald cross_gold_rose_petals leopard_cross_olive gold_cross_weave_on_red leopard_cross_red leopard_cross_tangerine_silver leopard_cross_white snow leopard leopard_cross_teal fishermans_cross large cross_gold_50s_floral_memphis_tender_mercies cross_gold_rose__sunset fishermans_cross gold_cross_weave_on_blue gold_cross_weave_on_gold leopard_cross_orchid giraffe_cross_silver cross_gold_peacock_fleurdelis spangle cross mermaid cross_gold_50s_floral philadelphia ladies of liberty leopard_cross_amethyst gold_cross_weave_on_purple
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