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Arrows of various types.
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arrow 2mg plain tri-arrow (fat) multi-dimensional arrow arrow 4g gradient arrow 4g arrow 4g X tri-arrow 4 arrow 4g X x3 arrows 6m 2 pointy arrow 4g X gradient arrows 4m 2 arrow 4g 2 arrow 3 gradient quad-arrow 4m x2 tri-arrow 3 tri-arrow (thin) arrows 4m 2 X arrows 4m 3 mod arrow dots 3m heads 4 arrow 4g 3 mod arrow dots 3m tails 3 mod arrow dots 3m tails mod arrow dots 3m heads arrow 2mg up-down dither arrow 4g X x2 arrow 3 x3 plain arrow 2mg rainbow arrows 4m 3 X arrows 6m 2 gradient quad-arrow 4m X
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