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Tentacles interlocked, these squid stay together with sea-worthy Celtic knots. Pale blues and greens keep your ocean theme projects safely coordinated. Most of the fabric designs are sized at 100%, 50% and 25%, for easier line-ups. All rights are reserved for this original drawing -- you may resell individual projects only by ordering this fabric at this account. Any duplications, revisions, or possession of the design file are not legal under US copyright law.
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Ancient Mycenaean Mastery
Pirate Plaid
Kraken in the Pale Moonlight
Be Ware the Kraken
Ancient Mycenaean Mastery - Large
Kraken squid narrow stripes
Minoan Kraken and Mycenaean Squid
Giant Squid- Pair o' Kraken
Teal Sea Squid Kraken
Kraken Moon
Mycenaean Mariners
Nautical Love Knots
Greek Ship Galleys
Squid dancing in the pale moonlight
Mycenaean Madness
The Minoan Kraken Blues
Navy Silver Filigree
Squid Green Lobster Net
Dr. Kraken and Mr. Squid
Mariner's Quay
The Kraken Tangle
Foursquare Squid
Squid - Faint of Heart
Minoan, Mycenaean; Cephalopod, Squid
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