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Spoonflower's new color printing color swatches ordered. Some colors to recheck, some new designs. Plus several of my own color palettes. All of these could be available for sale - let me know if you want one which isn't.
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Baby Seaturtles  in Light through Water - self-bordering Leaf-in-Square fabric indigo-sepia Dyepaint_leaf_BORDER_fabric_red-violet_teal_minagreen 2papercuts-diagonal-outlines-MINAGREEN-ILLUSTR-sRGB mw-papercut-clouds-on-grn-rpt-crop 2papercuts-diagonal-outlines-DPPEACOCK-ILLUSTR-sRGB Farewell-to-spring-drawing200 Camouflage Cat painting - viridian and burnt umber Flowery-mead-1 MW-color-palettes-purs-reds-adobe1998 Vinca drawing - cloud colors Bryopsis-drawing200-4x5 MW-vinca-logo-hlf-brick-grey-print MW-color-palettes-blues-pur-adobe1998 MW-color-palettes-grns-adobe1998 MW-color-palettes-oranges-yell-grns-adobe1998
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