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Black, white, taupe and wine swish between apples, lace, and beading. I have tested these in the 2012 "new color" printing, and details come out clear, monitor-color burgundies come out deep mauve. Slate grays contrast well with snowy whites. The smallest lace details came out well, and seemed perfect for a theater queen costume or Renaissance Fair dress. Trying these on a few fabric types, I was surprised that I preferred the sheen of the cotton silk. I tried to work irregularities into the repeats of these, so don't be surprised if some twist gently or playfully.
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Snow Rose Lace Rows huntsman_beading Crimson Charcoal Chaos Lace hunt-rose-red_beads huntsman_watchbands huntsman_black-white huntsman_twirl-chaos-zany huntsman_knot-lace huntsman_snow-row150 huntsman_appples150sm huntsman_bw-claws huntsman_mauve-wisp huntsman_darkness
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