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I changed the background color on one of my photos of my 14 year old cat, Velvet. Actually did that on a total of 16 of them, using Photoshop to do so. Next, I put the 16 individual photos into a square that I framed in two other colors. Besides black, each of these squares contain 18 different colors. I actually did up 4 different squares that I double framed, making 64 photos in that square with adding the 4 seperate squares combined into same on a black background. Hard to really explain how I did it, seeing I did it as I went along, like a "Play it by ear" thing you might say.When looking at the photo designs in this collection you should be able to get the drift of things and figure out how I did the final one up, which has the black background. Uploaded all to make this a Collection of 22 different fabrics to work with.
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My Cubist Cat,  Velvet Velvet the Cat 64 Framed Multi colored Velvet the Cat 164R Velvet the Cat 1 Kelly Green Velvet the Cat 8 Green Velvet the Cat 14 Blue Velvet the Cat 162R Green and Yellow Frame Velvet the Cat 165R Orange and Yellow Frame Velvet the Cat 163R Blue and Yellow frame Velvet the Cat 3 Orange Velvet the Cat 16 Turquoise Green Velvet the Cat 2 White Velvet the Cat 9 Bright Blue Velvet the Cat 11 Salmon Velvet the Cat 10 Yellow Trick Or Treat G2 Velvet the Cat 6 Light Green Velvet the Cat 12 Olive Green GOT_WINE_KITTY Velvet the Cat 5 Lime Green Velvet the Cat 7 Lavendar/Purple Velvet the Cay 15 Light Blue Velvet the cat 17 Red Velvet the Cat 13b Pink Velvet the Cat 4 Bright Turquoise Blue Velvet the Cat 13 Pink GOT_WINE_KITTY V0 Trick Or Treat B4
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