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To find out more about these DIY projects, visit A collection of Cut-and-Sew clothes, ready for you to assemble! Hoodies, vests and pyjama pants mostly feature in the designs I've made. I've focused on keeping them all comfy - perfect for gaming marathons!
Click on any design to visit its page and purchase fabric
NES Controller - Large Horizontal
Hobbit Half Yard Skirts
Hobbit borders
The Hobbit - Fat Quarter cushions
Hobbit 4x4 book cover
Sailor Moon White Half Yard Skirt 42 inches
Sailor Moon Black Half Yard skirt 56 inches
Rainbowdash Border
Ladies' 'Medium/Small' Custom Geek Pyjamas
Twilightsparkle Border
LOTR book covers
Ladies' 'Large/Medium' Custom Geek Pyjamas
Fluttershy Border
PinkiePie Border
The Lonely Mountain Half Yard Skirts
Mens small custom Geek Pyjamas
Orion Nebula Dress
NASA Half yard skirt
Rarity Border
Alliance Half Yard DIY Skirt!
Ladies' 'Small' Custom Geek Pyjamas
Applejack Border
Mens 'Medium/Small' Custom Geek Pyjamas
N7 Half Yard DIY Skirt
5 cushion covers in 3 yards - custom designs for IKEA cushions
Mens 'Large/Medium' custom Geek Pyjamas
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